E-Top Union Inc. was established in 2006, the parent corporation, Lead Data Technology is a Stock Exchange-listed company in Taiwan. For the past ten years, Lead Data is mainly focus on optoelectronics, consumer electronic products and electronic products OEM. Because the life cycle of electronic products is short and the increasing competition, also the magnitude of the industrial economy rises and drops really fast, for the strategies of the company transition and sustainable development, E-Top Union Inc. was established, and dedicated to the development of the medical equipment field.


Our Goal is to focus on develop and sale medical equipment and the related products, to make the firm foundation for our company sustainable development, we pursuit to become the leading company in the medical equipment industry. Therefore we expect to provide handy medical equipment with high quality to our customer, and furthermore to benefit the global society.

Initially Focus on the Thoracic Cavityand Respiratory Related Field

Core Technologyand Manufacture Strength

The successful of our CPAP development has become a great experience for our development team, not just the blower, software and hardware’s core technologies; we also obtain many patents and the related technology.

Manufacture is also our great strength, for the past two decades, we gained a lot experiences through our electronic OEM and ODM, from these experiences, we will be able to provide the products with high quality but low cost, to become more competitive.

Innovative Sales Strategyand Global Perspective

Our sales strategy is to business model innovation with high quality products and good service, and gradually expands to global markets.As our new products meet the market successively, we will establish new branch office in Europe, USA, China and Brazil soon.