• Power cord is not properly connected.

Check if the power cord is plugged in firmly (device end and power outlet end). Also check if the switch of the power outlet is on (if any).

  • Power outlet malfunction.

Use another power outlet.

Remove the mask and stop therapy if you want to wake up at night. When you go back to bed, remember to resume therapy and wear the mask.
The CP1 Device can provide the most effective treatment when wearing the mask properly and comfortably. Leakage can affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Eliminating leakage is very important. You may adjust the position of mask and the tightness of the headgear. If you are using a nasal mask, you may close your mouth during the therapy.

Leakage from the mouth will reduce the efficiency of your treatment. If you cannot improve the leakage from the mouth, you may use a full face mask or a chin strap. Please contact E-TOP dealers or E-TOP customer service.

If you feel unfit or uncomfortable when you are using a full face mask, please contact E-TOP dealers or E-TOP customer service. Other sizes or types of mask may solve your problem.
Clean your face and remove excessive oil on your face before wearing the mask. It allows the mask to better fit your face and extends the life of the silicone cushion. Do not use any moisturizing products while wearing the mask.
You may experience nose, mouth and / or throat dryness during the therapy, particularly in winter. In most circumstances, a humidifier can solve such discomfort. Please contact E-TOP dealers or E-TOP customer service for more advice.
You may experience symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and / or stuffy nose in the first few weeks of the therapy. In most circumstances, humidifier can solve your nasal allergy problem. Please contact E-TOP dealers or E-TOP customer service for more advice.
The built-in power supply of the CP1 Device supports 100-240V and 50 / 60Hz so that you do not have to configure any settings in other countries / regions. However, you have to use the locally specified and approved power cords to connect the CP1 Device and power outlet.

For safety reason, please do not use the CP1 Device during the entire flight.
When the room temperature is relatively low, water vapor may condense in the mask or tubing. To avoid this condition, you can lower the heating level. It is suggested that you make appropriate seasonal adjustments to avoid the occurrence of this condition.
Please use drinking water or distilled water with a temperature lower than 40℃. Distilled water can maximize the life of the water chamber and reduce limescale formation.
If you have symptoms of dryness, it may be that your humidifier heating level is too low and is resulting in inadequate effect. Please try to increase the heating level to see whether the condition has improved. Please adjust to the optimal heating temperature on your own according to actual usage.

If your symptoms of dryness have not improved, it may be because you are breathing through your mouth. Breathing or leakage through the mouth can cause dryness and irritation the upper respiratory tract. If this is the case, changing to a full face mask or using a chin strap may help. Please consult your physician or device provider for details.